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Beck Quade Founder of FEMMZE shares her journey with the start of the Peri-menopause phase in her life, and how it's inspired creating a modern brand for women when it comes to the cycles of their life.

Perimenopause encompasses the years leading up to menopause and it's characterized by symptoms such as;


Irregular or skipped periods

Mood swings

Muscle stiffness

Heavy periods

Night sweats

Hot flushes




Peri menopause can happen anywhere from your mid 30's to 50's. The on-set of this phase of my life when I turned 40, was a real catalyst for creating FEMMZE, as I could not find a product or a brand that spoke to me. I don't ever remember not having an interest in Health and wellness. From an early age growing up on a wheat farm, I would watch my Mum do yoga in the 80's at home, which also lead into Jane Fonda workout videos, and of course the iconic Cindy Crawford ones. Mum was a model back in the day, so I guess her love of fashion wasn't lost on me either, but what I remember most are the trips with her to the local health food store in the country, which I am sure back then was very left of centre. I was so fascinated by the combinations of those worlds that it served as a compass to consistently connect to my body, and take care of my health.


And so began 27 years of either being in a state of anorexia or bulimia. It felt especially complex as I felt the added pressure of being in the yoga and wellness industry, and I was “supposed” to be more enlightened, and a role model for health. 

"I started consistently working with a naturopath, who has served as an angel in my life...because for me being consistent over a long period of time has been the best way to create lasting change."

However, a few years ago for the first time in my life, I felt really stuck and unsure of the options available to me when it came to what was going on with my health. I was going through chronically heavy periods each month, severe iron deficiency, and hormonal insomnia, which after finally having children sleep through the night, was absolutely debilitating. I found myself not being able to plan meetings, or catch ups with friends because I would be so sleep deprived I could not function. I would be having regular iron infusions, which felt really intense on my body, and even though they helped for a little while, I would find myself back in the same cycle of my GP's room. After ruling at any underlying medical issues, I decided to take a different approach.


I started consistently working with a naturopath, who has served as an angel in my life. It's been over three years now, and I am religious with my plant tonics, I take them morning and night, because for me being consistent over a long period of time has been the best way to create lasting change. This has allowed me to see real results when it comes to vitality, reducing night sweats before my period, and curbing PMS symptoms. 



I decided my exercise routine might also need some adjusting too. After studying yoga, and meditation since my early 20's I decided Instead of doing intense yoga and cardio sessions throughout the week that I would switch up my routine to include some nightly YIN of at least 30 mins before bed, daily meditation, and replace at least one of my higher intensity yoga or cardio sessions to one 60 min YIN class in studio. 

Regular cold therapy - I am lucky to live near the ocean, and a huge part of my healing has been cold therapy by way of regular ocean swims.

I have detailed below some other tried and tested products, and offerings I love, and use regularly. None of which are sponsored. They are all products I pay for, and truly believe have supported my journey with Peri Menopause thus far.

THE BEAUTY CHEF, Sleep Powder. (I have also been trying their new sleep support capsules which are also an amazing alternative, if you don't like a liquid drink before bed.)

FEMMENESSENCE. These were recommended to me by an integrative doctor, and I have taken them daily for the last six months to help balance my cycles.

TONIC MUMMA. Having tried an array of iron supplements over the last few years, I recently discovered this game changing blend, which I feel is the best one I have tried so far.

ORGANICALLY WEALTHY, Yoga Hub. $29.00 a month, and it's my go to Yin offering at home that I do at night (sometimes the kids join in too!)


I changed my diet to include loads more leafy green vegetables, and protein such as eggs, or salmon especially at breakfast. I try and keep coffee at bay until a little later in the morning, and have just one.



Regular acupuncture has been something that I have found has really supported my nervous system, and hormonal changes. I feel more and more ok with listening to my body and being far more gentle with my movement, and way of life these days. I take days off when I need to, and am mindful that creating a sustainable business also extends to creating a sustainable life when it comes to energy levels, and the work/life balance.


I appreciate not all of these suggestions are available to everyone, which is why I launched the "Nurturing You" wellness platform at FEMMZE, so people could start to access free curated content for their cycles at any time of day at home.


*As with anything to do with your health, it is absolutely imperative to seek professional advice, and I am not advocating for a pure holistic alternative as something that would be right for everyone. My approach may change in the future as my body moves into the different phases, but I hope this guide serves as a way to encourage people to try various options to support their cycle.

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