FEMMZE is a modern offering of leakproof essentials and wellness support for women.

We believe people should not have to compromise on style, fit or performance because of their absorbency and life cycle needs. Our underwear is shapewear-inspired to create form fits and is engineered using luxury eco fabrics that offer maximum support and absorbency control.

Our founder

Femmze founder, Beck Quade.

We are a female-owned and founded company.

Our Founder, Beck Quade developed FEMMZE in response to a need for the kind of product and content offering that she could not find when it came to resuable offerings, and menstrual awareness.

Cultivating her years of experience in the wellness, luxury fashion and technology space, Beck has created a high quality fashion led collection that provides a new experience in leak-proof underwear design, menstrual education, and community connection.

At the forefront of FEMMZE alongside our product range is the commencement of our "Nurturing You" wellness platform. This is a FREE to access online community hub dedicated to providing exclusive yoga, yin, meditation and gentle movement content that can support people through the phases of their monthly cycle.

"I really believe that there is so much we can learn from living more in harmony with the power of our menstrual cycle, and the seasons of our life that we go through as women. At the heart of FEMMZE there is a real desire to support, inspire and modernise the journey to a more cyclical way of being."

“FEMMZE is a modern, solution-driven brand when it comes to the environment and single-use plastics. It is also an empowered statement dedicated to redefining a new kind of luxury in this space.”

– Founder Beck Quade.


FEMMZE collections offer a considered range of styles made using a supply chain that works with likeminded partners who care about the environment and share a common goal of providing people with a new way of thinking around the impact their purchasing decisions have on the environment.