1. Rest For No Reason

    Lead by Emmie Rae of the Daily Rest. A practice designed for no reason, other than doing something kind for ourselves – rest. 
  2. Resting Together

    Lead by Emmie Rae of the Daily Rest. A practice for resting together. Perfect for practicing with tweens and teens or anyone you love. 
  3. yoga

    Asana: yang to yin, steady and slowly

    dynamic practice followed by gentle yin shapes to support you in your premenstrual phase as you move towards your bleed.
  4. meditation

    Inner spring / follicular phase

    Bloom meditation.
  5. meditation

    Inner summer / ovulatory phase

    A sensory meditation.
  6. meditation

    Inner autumn / pre menstrual / luteal phase

    Soothe Meditation.
  7. meditation

    Inner winter / menstrual phase

    Rest and release meditation.
  8. yoga

    Asana: Hatha, awaken your vitality

    A class for the spring/summer phases of your cycle when you're feeling slightly more energetic.
  9. yoga

    Any time of the month

    This 10 minute “returning within” is a YIN based session using intentional touch, aimed at reconnecting your body and mind so you feel nurtured and restored.
  10. yoga

    Mid-cycle ovulation

    This is perfect for the mid-cycle time of the month when you have slightly more energy. A simple flow that taps into the sensual nature of this time in your cycle.
  11. yoga

    First few days of your cycle

    This is a gentle and restorative yin based practice designed to make you feel nourished. Its perfect for when you are low on energy, but want to feel a little more rejuvenated.
  12. yoga

    Pre-menstrual check-in

    Ideal for the few days before your cycle when you might be feeling more tension in the mind and body, this 10 minute check-in combines a small amount of flow, and leads into a gentle restorative pause to reset and return to self.
  13. breathwork

    Three rhythm breath

    This breathwork sequence connects the rhythm of your breath, your heart and your brain, and leaves you feeling centred and restored.
  14. breathwork

    Mind refresher

    As the name suggests this potent 10 min breathwork sequence can be done at any time of the month when you want to feel instantly revitalised, but might not be able to do a full workout.

  15. breathwork

    Connect to your essence

    This 10 minute breathwork sequence is exclusively crafted by Kate to connect into the breast, and womb regions of your body, cultivating a sense of flow and energy in the body.