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Honouring your body postpartum

We have found an incredible community of postpartum women who have experienced FEMMZE as a new way of feeling held and supported through their postpartum journey.


We spoke to friend of FEMMZE, and author of “Always Postpartum”, Tori Bowman about learning to honour the postpartum body. We love Tori’s musing about the journey around motherhood, and self acceptance.


“Pre Baby Body ... a phrase we should all delete from our minds as we are not our pre baby self anymore. We are our post baby self. Our post baby self is super lovely if you spend the time & get to know her. She’s kind, fun, giving & generous.


But she is also very tired. She is acutely aware that her skinny jeans don’t button up at the moment, she knows she looks daggy in her maternity bra and she can feel soft & see that her eyes are dark. There is no need to remind your post baby self that her boobs look like something from Embarrassing Bodies, and her top that’s on backward and inside out? I can assure you, she knows. She is ok with it.


Your post baby self is a legend. She goes with the flow. She is doing her best to stay awake and not cry. She is trying hard not to wet herself and she’s remembering to politely nod at the two million pieces of advice that fly her way each day by the hundreds of visitors.


"The postpartum period is the time to rest, nurse, heal & pay close attention to your body."

The postpartum period is the time to rest, nurse, heal & pay close attention to your body. Not just your belly & your thighs, but your pelvic floor, your abdomen, your internal organs, your back, your muscles, ligaments & tissues. Whatever you crave doing, get the tick of approval from your women’s health physio, your maternal health nurse, or your GP beforehand. Be patient as you never know what kind of extra damage you could cause.


Now is the time to nourish your belly in goodness – fresh fruits, vegetables, wholemeal bread, rice & grains. Meat, eggs, nuts, fish, dairy, and plenty of omegas 3’s. And water. Gulp up so much water! A good meal, rest and just enjoying your precious new baby is all you need to focus on right now."


This excerpt is from Tori’s book Afterwards which is available to purchase here.


“Mental health wise, exercise after birth is such an important daily factor for me (when safe to do so). The only hiccup, is that anything to do with jumping, means I have to carry a spare pair of leggings with me … just incase. Packing yet another thing in the baby bag is far from ideal! FEMMZE has completely taken away this need!! I can run, jump, sneeze … all without worry! Comfort wise - huge tick! They’re firm & sculpting too which means they’re hugely flattering as everything is held snuggly “up”. Love love love!! If anyone is looking for a postpartum pressie for a new mumma - FEMMZE is top of my recommendation list!"


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